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There are many reasons why people are looking at plant-based products right now.

It could be that you’ve set yourself a 2021 target to cut down on your meat consumption. Or the growing public support in the fight against battery farming and other intensive farming methods leading you to consider what other options are out there. Or maybe you’ve just been swept up in the Veganuary promotions and figure “why not”!

Whatever the reason, the common question we hear all too often is – where do I start?

To help you on this journey, here are 5 simple products swaps to help you as you explore the best that a vegan lifestyle has to offer.


Bacon ==>THIS Bacon

One of the biggest issues faced by many is how to eat less meat. Let’s face it – when most dishes are built around the choice of meat, from a Sunday roast to a coq au vin, how easy is it to find a suitable alternative?

Well, let me stop you there.

The alternative meat industry has exploded in the last 10 years!

Instead of large corporates controlling the space (though they continue to try!), this industry is made up of loads of independent innovative brands offering new and exciting products tailored for those who are looking to eat less meat or cut it out of their diet entirely.

One of our favourites has to be THIS Bacon.

THIS Bacon

High in protein, rich in vitamins and free of the nitrates found in traditional bacon that have been linked to causing cancer, THIS Bacon is the perfect substitute for anyone looking for a healthier alternative.

But, most importantly, it delivers where it matters – taste!

In a sandwich, added to a salad, thrown in as part of a weekend breakfast, fry THIS Bacon for 3-5 minutes and you’re left with a crunchy, smoky slice of plant heaven.


Parmesan Cheese ==> Violife Mild Prosociano Wedge

Now if you’re like me, cheese should be promoted to its own food group and treated as 1 of your 5-a-day (try to tell me otherwise!).

It has often been used as an excuse by many to avoid switching to a vegan lifestyle, especially when the vegan cheeses that had been available were tasteless and rubbery.

But fret not!

Just like meats, vegan cheese has seen a revolution in the last few years, with brands creating products that replicate a broad range of cheeses – from gooey camemberts to rich ricottas – the taste and texture of these products has come on leaps and bounds.

For the parmesan lovers out there, why not try Violife Mild Prosociano Wedge.

Vegan Cheese

This cheese has been hugely popular thanks to its versatility. Perfect on a pizza, sliced on a cracker or melted in a burger, this product is perfect for all occasions offering an authentic flavour and texture without the dairy or gluten.


Eggs ==> Crackd Egg

Now, this one is a bit out there, but stick with me!

Crackd have changed the game with their egg alternative. The “no egg” egg can be used exactly how a traditional egg would be in cooking – add it to pancake batter, in with your cake mix or to whip up an omelette.

Now – it doesn’t help you win the egg-and-spoon race but it is packed full of protein and vitamin B12. Plus, there is the added bonus of supporting the fight against battery chicken farming – so not a bad trade off!

With the equivalent of 8 eggs in a bottle, Crackd is the perfect product for someone who wants to dip their toe into a plant-based lifestyle. With no compromise on flavour and functionality, it’s really a win-win!


Cow Milk ==> Oat Milk

This is a no brainer and a switch that many people have already made thanks to the many health benefits from consuming less dairy.

It’s simple really – less calories, less saturated fat, and none of the chemicals and hormones found in animal milks. What’s left is a smooth milk, not too sweet and not too heavy.

Make sure to pick up Minor Figures Oat Milk – so good it will make you question why you haven’t taken the plunge sooner.

Oat Milk

Or for the budding baristas out there, you have to try Oatly Barista Foamable.

Oat Milk

Oatly are a commonplace brand these days and a pioneer in oat milk. This is a “fresh” product perfect for those that fancy themselves a coffee aficionado and can actually tell the difference between a latte and flat white (it still baffles me a bit!)


Let us know what you think!

We would love to know how you get on with these vegan swaps – do leave a comment on the products you would recommend!

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