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Let’s talk about fish alternatives.

2021 is definitely the year for a surge is vegan fish products coming to market.

Whether its fake salmon slices, tuna sashimi or even prawns, we are seeing a massive growth in this area as brands look to change the game with new and exciting innovations.

And guess what – we are absolutely buzzing!

With this growth comes more optionality and we are constantly hearing from you guys that you want to see and know more about what alternative fish options are available.

Finding the best products out there can be hard – but worry no longer!

We have put together the definitive list of very best vegan fish alternatives available today – and be sure to read to the end for a big announcement!

Vbites Fish Style Fingers

We absolutely LOVE this one. The breadcrumbs on the outside make it so delicious and tastes very similar to the real thing. For anyone that misses snacking on fish fingers, this comes highly recommended!

The real question is – do you put fish fingers in a sandwich?



If you're not keen on fake fish, this is a veggie-based fish alternative made from carrots and liquid smoke giving it a real punchy flavour. No wonder this is quickly becoming our best seller!

vegan fish salmon

Bonsan Kofu Fish Fillet

This tofu-based fish fillet is packed with AMAZING flavour and perfect for adding on top of your salads.

Veganz Salmon Slices

We can’t get enough of this salmon alternative! Easily one of our absolute favourite fish alternatives, the taste is so similar to the real thing that you may struggle to tell the difference.

Use it as you typically would – perfect in a cream cheese bagel, cut up and tossed in a pasta, or served on toast for brunch.

vegan fish salmon

Lomalinda Tuno Mayo

OK, this is a controversial one but hear us out – you’re either going love it or hate it. The new Marmite!

There’s only one way for you to find out which side you are on. Great in a sandwich with crunchy rocket!

vegan fish tuna

And now for some big news….

The Good Kind will be the first UK retailer to stock Zeastar Sashimi NoTuna and Zalmon!

After working exclusively with restaurants and wholesale businesses since 2019, this revolutionary plant-based seafood brand is now going direct to the consumer.

And The Good Kind will be their one of their primary UK partners stocking their the NoTuna and Zalmon products.

Enriched with omega 3 oils and flaxseed, this is sashimi like nothing you have ever tasted with all the health benefits of actual fish. Perfect for all sushi lovers, these products fit perfectly into 20cm nori sheets for rolling.

But why stop there? Add these salmon and tuna pieces into your favourite dishes for added flavour and incredible texture!

Look out for our announcement next week to be the first to get your hands on these goods!

Told you it was big 😉


We would love to hear from you – let us know how many of these products you have tried. Which ones you loved and what you want to see more of.

And as always, do review the products you recommend, really helps others who are interested.

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