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Take yourself back to this time last year – before the madness!

Tinder would be abuzz with hopeful singletons looking to find “the one” to share their Valentine’s with.

Restaurant tables would be fully booked.

And those left without a plan (e.g. me) were sure find comfort in the crowd as bars and pubs would be full to the brim with revellers celebrating or drinking away their sorrows on this official/unofficial holiday.

Good times!

But, fast forward to this week and it’s a different story.

The cities are on lockdown, pubs and bars are closed, and the only Valentine’s plans you can make at a restaurant involve eating a “romantic” meal out of takeaway boxes.

Let’s be honest – it sucks. But let’s try make some lemonade from all these lemons!

Now is the opportunity to woo that “special one” with your home culinary skills.

Now don’t worry, no one thinks your Gordon Ramsey! But we can do a bit better than ordering a takeaway or having your mum make a lasagne for you to claim you made it earlier.

Here at The Good Kind, we’ve got you sorted for the perfect lockdown vegan Valentine’s.



Step 1: set the mood.

Candles are the ultimate vibe setter. Spark this up, dim the lighting and you could be forgiven for forgetting there is a global pandemic outside your door.

Made with soy wax and packed with essential oils, the calming, musky aromas will fill the room.

For anyone lucky enough to be invited (following their self-quarantine period) , this will certainly put them in the mood.

Plus it lets them that you are only about that #sustainablelife



Time for the appetiser.

You could serve this cool with crackers. But it if really want to wow, bake in the oven and serve with warm crusty bread.

This is the perfect romantic dish with its indulgent rich flavours and gooey texture – ideal for the cheese lovers out there.

There’s a reason this remains one of our best-selling products.

The company behind this cheese recommends it should be used within 5 days. I doubt it will make it past 1!



Now for the main event!

You (and your guest) are going to love this. Sgaia have perfected the vegan steak, delivering an authentic smoky flavour and texture that is sure to set the pulses racing.

We are big fans of this Glasgow-based company and really recommend you give this product a go. And for the meat lovers out there, you’ll be surprised how good this tastes.

Fry it, chop it up and add it to a stir fry, or even dice it and throw it over a pasta – the options are limitless, perfect for all cooking levels!

But, if you’re asking, we recommend you keep it simple. Serve it with fresh vegetables and accompanying sauce that let’s the steak do all the talking.



Cake Cult are a growing force in the vegan baking world. The London brand are known for putting their unique stamp on classic treats and their rocky road brownies are no different.

Filled with Biscoff biscuits, vegan chocolate and chewy marshmallows, it’s just the thing to cap off the evening.

It’s a sweet treat that is good for the planet but bad for the snackers out there. We can’t be held responsible for any long-term addictions.

Go on, hide the packaging and claim you made them yourself – we won’t tell!



Does this need explaining.

Even if there is the smallest chance of a holiday smooch, no one likes dry, cracked lips.

Give them some care!


If you like these products, then you can get them all at a discounted price as part of the “Be My Vegan Valentines” bundle.

And remember – people buy a lot of unnecessary gifts at this time of year. The truth is that the best way to show someone you really care is to show them you are thinking of them.

Whether it’s a by cooking a meal, writing a few words, or finding something that makes you think of them – be sure that it helps you make some good memories.

Stay safe this week.

Spread the love, not COVID.

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